Community Information

Community Safety

The speed limit throughout Tavistock is 25 mph.  Please obey this law for everyone's safety and pass it along to visiting family and friends. In addition, please utilize the traffic circles in the way they are intended, following the arrows that indicate the proper direction.

Pet Courtesy

Pets make a wonderful addition to any family, but part of being a pet owner is making sure your pet is not a nuisance to others. Help keep your community pet-friendly:

· If your pet is barking, bring it inside so it doesn't disturb the neighbors.

· Pick up after your pet. If you take your pet for a walk, bring several baggies so you can pick up the waste. (One bag may not be enough.)  Also remember to clean your yard of waste weekly so the odor does not spread from your yard.

· When your dog is not in an enclosed area, remember to keep your pet on a leash. County law requires that dogs be kept under restraint at all times. 

· If your neighbor’s dog is barking, KINDLY contact the neighbor to let them know. They may not be home to be aware of the problem. Conversely, if your neighbor lets you know that your dog is barking enough to be a problem, please address the situation. Don’t compel the neighbor to call animal control.

Swale Maintenance

Swales are a natural system of open grass channels for storm-water management that require routine maintenance to ensure continued and optimum function. Here are things you can do to keep swales clear and avoid flooding in your and your neighbors’ yards:

· Mow and maintain your swale at an acceptable grass height

· Keep your driveway culvert open and free of debris, rocks, grass, and sediment

· Keep bottom of swale open to permit flow of water after heavy rains

· Swales convey runoff and will be soggy/wet at times; however, if water is ponding where grass cannot survive than corrective measures may be needed.

· Reseed bare areas to minimize/prevent erosion.

· Minimize the use of fertilizer, pesticides, and herbicides.

· Don’t attempt to dig in utility easements without first contacting Miss Utility.

Storm Drain Maintenance

Leaves and debris left to accumulate in storm drains can cause street flooding and impact water quality in the community’s storm-water system. In winter, flooded streets can freeze, creating hazardous driving conditions. Residents are urged to clear leaves and yard debris from storm drains in front of or near their homes. Here are some steps you can take:

· Avoid sweeping or blowing leaves into the street. 

· Even if you do not have a storm drain directly in front of your property, keep the street channel clear so that water can reach the drain.

· Clear leaves from storm drains.

· Dispose of leaves in your yard waste container or compost bin.

· If you compost leaves, make sure the compost is not placed where it can leach into the storm-water system.

· County regulations prohibit homeowners from connecting home drainage pipes to the storm-water system.

Winter weather

As a homeowner, you have a duty to use reasonable care in ensuring that your property is sufficiently maintained during the winter. These steps can help keep the community safe and moving during winter months:

· Keep storm drains clear from leaves to prevent flooding.

· Have your sidewalk cleared of snow and ice within 24 hours of the end of a snowfall.

· Shovel out hydrants. 

· Remove cars from the street before the snow starts to assist the snow plow operator.

Deed Restrictions

Tavistock is a deed-restricted community. Homeowners are encouraged to review the deed restrictions periodically. 

Before you begin any exterior changes to your property, you must contact a member of the deed restrictions committee or the committee chair. Examples of changes include adding or modifying fences, porches, patios, pools or out-buildings. 

Proposed changes must be submitted to the deed restrictions committee and approved by the board before construction can begin. All changes must also conform to appropriate New Castle County building codes and standards. 

Failure to obtain board approval for your project could result in costly changes. For questions regarding deed restrictions, contact committee chair Dave Gazzillo at 302.478.1689.

Street Trees

Tavistock is fortunate to have an active street tree committee to implement and oversee an annual maintenance program to care for street trees and replace as needed. You can find more information about the committee’s activities in the Tavistock Directory. If you have questions or concerns about your trees or would like to join the committee, please contact Frank Maderich at 302.478.5798.

Annual Dues 

All Tavistock homeowners pay annual dues. Your dues pay for snow removal, traffic circle maintenance, the tavistock directory, the tree program, the block party, and the Halloween party.

Dues collection begins on April 1 of each year. Your Area Rep will provide you with a renewal form. Please return the completed form with your payment to your Area Rep no later than May 15.

Handling Community Conflict

If you have issue with a neighbor (a barking dog, early lawn-mowing, late-night parties), the board asks that you reach out directly to the neighbor to resolve the issue. You should not expect a board member to act as a mediator. If you are unable resolve the problem, speak with your area rep. The area rep will ask you to provide a short synopsis of the problem and a specific request for board action. The board will gather the necessary facts to determine whether or not it should become involved in the matter.

If you are concerned that the dispute involves a health or safety issue, you should contact the proper authorities. (animal control, police, fire, adult protection services, etc.).