Tavistock Civic Association Board


The Tavistock Civic Association was organized in February and March of 1973 and held its first block party in October that same year. Over the years, the Association has enjoyed steady support and engagement by community members.

The Association is governed by a board that holds open meetings three times a year and an annual meeting each spring. Board committees address specific areas of concern, such as street trees, social events, and community safety.

Community members are urged to volunteer to serve on the board or on committees. Interested residents should contact TCA President Rose Passarella.



Rose Passarella

Vice President 

Eileen Measley


Annie Baker


Meg Campbell

Area Representatives

Area A 

Jeff & Carol Roth 

Area B

Lisa Merenda  

Area C 

Tom Haldas 

Area D

Tim & Kathy Wilson 

Area E

Brad Haines 

Area F 

Chelsea Forstem 

Area G

Dave Gazzillo

Area H 

Steve Bozzo 

Area I 

Charlotte Rouviere 

Area J 

Jeff Porter


Block Party

Michele Borzio  

Columbia Place 

Meg Campbell, Frank Maderich, Jay Wheeler

Deed Restrictions 

Dave Gazzillo, Jeff Porter

Tavistock Directory

The Tavistock Civic Association is looking for a volunteer to manage the biannual directory.  For further information or to volunteer, please contact President, Rose Passarella 

Storm drains/Swales 

Eileen Measley

Street Trees

Frank Maderich


Mary Lou Gagliano